Qualifications and applications for an almshouse

Prince CharlesApplicants for an almshouse have to meet certain criteria - they should be resident in the Salisbury area (and have been so for five years during their lifetime), of retirement age and in need of sheltered housing. There must also be a financial need for housing - total capital worth should not exceed £150,000 (£180,000 for the Very Sheltered sites) although this limit is subject to change.

Sarah Hayter's almshouses are for women only, aged 50 or over, who are members of the Church of England.

All applicants are given an opportunity to meet Trustees to discuss their particular needs, and when an almshouse vacancy occurs the person most in need of housing will be offered an appointment.

Almshouse residents make a contribution towards the cost of maintenance and the provision of heating and hot water in communal areas. The weekly maintenance contribution is eligible for Housing Benefit, thus ensuring that no one need be financially embarrassed on becoming an almshouse resident.




Salisbury City Almshouse and Welfare Charities
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